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How Sepi Spa saved my life

How Sepi Spa saved my life

Only those who have had acne at some point in their lives can relate to a lifelong quest for perfect smooth skin. As soon as I hit puberty my Mama knew that I would benefit from regular facials and even more so, from a regular skin care regime. My first ever facial was pleasing; I do not remember feeling positive or negative about my experience. The products used were Paul Scerri and then Phytomer. I also remember being introduced to Shiseido by my older friend (not by that much) from Hong Kong. I was willing to try anything. So we got a bunch of Shiseido and it seemed to “work”. Looking back it probably was just hormones and no amount of product would really help.

I continued to keep a very disciplined daily skincare routine and started having facials at Dermalogica and boy did I love it. I spent my summer holidays in Kuala Lumpur ( my parents thought it would be a good way to keep the language and culture part of me and it worked). As soon as I got to KL I would head over to Dermalogica and sign up for a package of facials - I would count out how long I had and would plan out all my treatments.

The Dermalogica skincare line changed my life - the skincare and the treatments were so effective. The esthetician would do a skin analysis and she would show me a skin map. This mapping system shows a correlation between parts of the face and other parts of the body. I found this fascinating.

Dermalogica Face Map

I continued to use mostly Dermalogica products into my thirties and started to find that my skin was changing and that I was not seeing results anymore. I tried a bunch of different products from Sunday Riley to Tata Harper, from MD Formulations to Jan Marini and everything in between.

Finally I had my BFF neighbor Karen tell me that I should go try a facial at Sepi Spa in Santa Monica. I was hesitant because I was sure that nothing could help improve my skin at this stage.

And…my life has changed again. I was introduced to this holy grail hero product called P50 by an exclusive French brand called Biologique Recherche. Let me tell you - now my skin care regime consists only of four items - cleanser, P50, sunscreen and a weekly mask and I my skin is under control and has never looked this good. I wish I had found this earlier in my life as it would have prevented all the angst.

I still have to remember though that even though my skin is now stable that I need to resist trying on samples of new products as sometimes I get a reaction due to newer sensitivities developed recently.

Sepi treats lots of Hollywood royalty as she is extremely talented at what she does, she is honest and does not insist on selling products you do not need. She genuinely cares about you and in what is good for your beauty and skin.

I recommend paying a visit to Sepi Spa sooner rather than later!

Loving your pearly whites

Loving your pearly whites